--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "coshlnx" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Kriyas are exmplained at the homepage of Swami Satyeswarananda, a 
> living in San Diego, who initiated me into Kriya yoga (the 
> tradition) in 1982.
>   He said that once, Babaji physically teleported the two of them 
> a long distance (I've forgotten the mileage but as I recall, from 
> someplace in the Himalayas to Benares).  However, the levitation or 
> teleportation kriya is well down (or up) the road of evolutionary 
> progression in that tradition; and along a more direct path, the 
> development of the out-of-body travel kriya is commonly practiced 
> the Enlightened Gurus in the Babaji tradition (which apparently 
> include Yogananda, according to the Swami - personal communication, 
> 1982).
>   There's wwwwaaaayyyy too much emphasis on physical levitation in 
> MMY's path, as opposed to traditional Hinduism, Buddhism, and 
> tradition which places much emphasis on the acquisition of certain 
> specified kriyas. .  Out of body travel should be a more reachable 
> goal.  How many people reading this can peform that kriya at will?

As I recall, MMY recommends strongly *against* out-of-
body travel for TMers.  The emphasis in TM is mind-
body coordination for the development of enlightenment,
and out-of-body travel, he points out, is pretty much
the antithesis mind-body coordination.

Maybe it's not problematic once you *are* enlightened?

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