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> > Thanks, Barry, would never have know about this. As a friend of 
> > likes to say "eyeroll" -- I don't know if you are familiar with 
> > animation Futurama, but I tend to see those skeptical among us as 
> > represented by Kiff and the Maheshites as represented by Zapp 
> > Branigan.
> It's easy to react with an eyeroll, but to be honest
> I respect this former Colonel and his attempts to put
> his life on the line for his beliefs and "kill enmity"
> more than I respect those who pay lip service to that
> concept and then do their best to keep enmity alive.
> I'm betting that if a Hezbollah member offered to buy 
> this former Israeli Colonel lunch, he'd go.

I wouldn't have seen it that way, but thank you for pointing it out. 
Yes, there is something about wanting to destroy enmity that is 
vastly superior to my eyeroll (although I do still tend to sigh at 
the fuility of it). When it comes to peacemakers, I tend to feel 
strongly about the way HH the Dalai Lama goes about it.

Bouncing on your Butt for peace, even by the sincerest of sincere 
folk still smaks of brainwashing, delusional thinking and having been 
lead down the garden path at your own great expense. 

Still, I do appreciate your take on the matter. I'll re-read the 
story in the light you shed on it.

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