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> But only  fanatics would insist that people who have lived on a 
spot of land 
> for  generations 
> must be thrown out so that THEY, the ones who have lived in  
Europe during 
> those same 
> generations, can move back  in.
> Most of the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians now have not 
been there  
> for "generations", at least in Israel. Most came in from other 
Arab countries  
> about the same time the Jews started moving back there. Most that 
left Israel 
>  were never thrown out but left of their own free will at the time 
of the  
> 1948 war in which the surrounding Arab countries told them they 
would give them  
> all of Israel to choose from once Israel was defeated. Many stayed 
and are 
> still  there today.>>>

A large portion of the Israelis are from Europe


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