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> With the Iraqi PM pressing for more US troops to come to Iraq to 
> stabalize the mess Bush has made there, and with the Israelis, who 
> have now said they invaded Lebanon with the intention of having 
> international community set up a military protected international 
> zone there. And with UN troops fighting more Taliban in 
> now.
> If Israel loses in Beirut, or is very hard pressed there, then 
> the US have to send troops there to keep the peace? Or risk an 
> Israeli loss. 
> If peacekeepers are not sent there (and few other countries will 
> enthusiastic to go), will Israel, as it is hard pressed from 
> attacks inside Lebanon, have no choice but to push even further 
> north and risk a conflict with Syria or Syrian/Iranian backed 
> insurgents?
> Does this mean there will be a shortage of troops for US 
> Is this the chance GW Bush has been looking for to have an excuse 
> institute the Draft? He wouldn't want to make Iraq the excuse, but 
> once he has them drafted many of them will go to the quagmire in 
> Iraq.
> OffWorld


Support evaporates rapidly when the cost gets high:


"Americans are overwhelmingly pessimistic about the state of affairs 
in the Middle East, with majorities doubtful there will ever be 
peace between Israel and its neighbors, or that American troops will 
be able to leave Iraq anytime soon, according to the latest New York 
Times/CBS News poll. 

A majority said the war between Israel and Hezbollah will lead to a 
wider war. And while almost half of those polled approved of 
President Bush's handling of the crisis, a majority said they 
preferred the United States leave it to others to resolve.

Over all, the poll found a strong isolationist streak in a nation 
clearly rattled by more than four years of war, underscoring the 
challenge for Mr. Bush as he tries to maintain public support for 
his effort to stabilize Iraq and spread democracy through the Middle 

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