"When one would like to Be that bliss -- when one would like to continue
in that experience forever -- then we know ours is the path of bliss.
We know the path is not a task -- it is an automatic draw into the ocean of bliss.
These are the experiences of bliss from the very fortunate people who are
creating Heaven on Earth. Well done. Continue."

--Maharishi's commentary on the experiences of the course, which were broadcast live during today's global press conference


(July 26) As of 12:00 noon (CDT) today, applications to the Invincible America Course topped 1950, surpassing the Super Radiance requirement of 1730 for the nation. And more and more of these course participants are arriving: yesterday afternoon, there were over 1100 Sidhas flying together in Fairfield and in Washington .


Everyone who has registered for the course should come quickly to join the group and fly together every day. And all those who have not yet applied please do so now! Come as soon as you can -- and stay as long as you can!



Stock Market Continues to Climb During Second Day of Invincible America Course

"Watch What Happens Tomorrow"

Wall Street continued its unexpected climb yesterday, gaining 53 points following Monday's dramatic spike, while the price of gold and crude oil dropped markedly during the second day of the "Invincible America Course" now being held in Washington , D.C. , and Iowa . Nearly 1200 coherence-creating experts have gathered to practice Yogic Flying together in large groups to create coherent collective consciousness--the basis of prosperity, harmony, and invincibility for the nation.

Rising stock markets and declining gold and oil prices are all strong indicators of rising optimism and confidence in the country's economic future. Experts predicted the upheaval in the Middle East would depress Wall Street and send gold and oil skyrocketing. To the surprise of most economists, the opposite occurred. "This unshakeable national psychology is due to the stabilizing influence of the Yogic Flyers on the collective consciousness of the nation," said Dr. John Hagelin, Director of the Institute of Science , Technology and Public Policy at Maharishi University of Management, who is leading the Invincible America Course.


Dr. Hagelin urged to press to monitor the good news daily: "Watch what happens tomorrow."



Due to the great generosity of several peace-loving donors, any Yogic Flyer who wishes to attend the Invincible America Course in Washington , D.C. , may do so for as long as he or she wants! Simply apply for the Course at , and specify your financial needs. We urge everyone to take advantage of this incredible opportunity.



If you are still awaiting your course acceptance, please check your spam folder. In some instances, emailed acceptances from the Development of Consciousness Office in Fairfield/Maharishi Vedic City have been discovered in course applicants' spam folders.

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