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> > > No tradition or commitee. Shri Kvya Kantha Ganapati Muni was a
> > > remarkeable young pundit, poet, vedic scholar, and one of the early
> > > disciples of RM. One of the early books on Ramana, the Ramana Gita was
> > > composed by him.In graditute of finding his master, he composed the
> > > Uma Sahasranam, the thousand verses to the Divine Mother. As a wor-
> > > shipper of the Divine Mother, he was a tantric. And he believed Ramana
> > > to be an Avatar of Kartikeya.
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> > Wow. Thanks Trin. Very, very cool.
> I belive that David Frawley's work is to carry on the wisdom of Ganapati Muni.

Are they connected in any way? One of the direct disciples and scholars of Nayana (as he was also called) was Kapali Shastri, who in a way represents a connection between Ramana and Aurobindo - he was fisrt a disciple of Ramana, but then migrated to Aurobindo and Sweet Mother. Again his disciple was M.P.Pundit. who was a close disciple of the Mother and wrote innumerable good books on Tantra and related stuff. There is now a Kapali Shastri Institute of Vedic Culture in Bangalore, which is mainly committed in bringing out new translations of the Vedas in the light of an evolutionary, esoteric understanding. My personal interest to all this stems from a life-transforming experience , I had exactly one year before meeting Mother Meera, more than 20 years back, when I got hooked up to the Divine Mother:
The original work is called Uma Sahasranam, which means thousand names of the Mother Divine. Ganapathi Muni was a tantric, and adorer of the Divine Mother, and the work was intended to be his thank you to the Divine Mother - UMA - for finding his Guru Ramana. He had made a pledge to finish off the whole work up to a certain time, but found that a significant number of verses had to be still done. As he was in Ramanas presence he suddenly felt a strong inspiration and the remaining verses flowed out effortlessly. Ramana sat in Samadhi, his eyes closed. After Muni had finished the last verse Ramana opened his eyes and asked: Did you write everything down? (that was transmitted). I must also say that I would not have understood (if that is the right term, as it is more intuitional knowledge) anything without the comments of Pundit. The whole thing happened for me, one year before I met Mother. In the experience, I was drawn to the book and felt an electric current. After a nights sleep while waking up I had a vision of the Divine Mother in the form of a golden spiral, and felt an unmistaken female Divine Presence in my room. The effects of the experience was felt for several days. Kapali Shastris collected works contain reminiscences of his experience with the Mother as well as with Ramana, his works on the Vedas and the Tantras, in the light of Sri Aurobindos philosophy.


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