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> > > > today's Wall Street Journal:
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> > > > England is having its worst drought in 100 years -- 
> > > >folks are growing cactus in their gardens
> > > 
> > > You talk crap, bbrigante.
> > >
> > Actually, the Brits have been growing cactus in their gardens 
> >for a very long time. It's considered an exotic plant.

> That's the reason given. But the real one is that we Brits regard
> it as our patriotic duty to have a cactus close to hand so that
> if bbrigante ever shows up here, we can ram it up his alimentary
> canal.
> Uns.


Well, at least some of you lot have more character than your lap dog 

"In an opinion piece in today's issue of The New Statesman, for 
instance, Sir Stephen Wall, a former senior adviser to Mr Blair, 
wrote: "The overriding reason for Britain's loss of moral authority 
is Blair's conviction he has to hitch the U.K. to the chariot of the 
U.S. president."

"Could the prime minister really not speak up for the simple 
proposition that the slaughter of innocent people in Lebanon, the 
destruction of their country and the ruin of half a million lives 
were wrong and should stop immediately?" Sir Stephen's analysis 

"Is it the conviction of our government that we should leave it to 
George W. Bush to set the bearings of our moral compass?" he wrote.


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