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> In a message dated 7/27/06 1:41:13 P.M. Central
> Daylight Time,  
> Have not had time to check postings here but need to
> express my 
> alarm  and concern at what is happening over there
> and how EASILY it 
> could  escalate and bring a Baghdad-like scenario to
> many areas of 
> the world.  Several years ago, when still a
> "believer" of MMY & the 
> yogic flying  social effect, I highlighted the need
> to concentrate 
> Movement resources on  certain key projects - my
> priority was 
> establishing a permanent  "invincibility" group in
> Lebanon or Israel. 
> This area was the open wound  in the world where
> most of the threats 
> to world peace emmaneted from.  Given that Raja Ram
> was himself 
> Lebanese I thought naively that MMY would  be
> persuaded to focus 
> resources in this region - and given the population 
> sizes involved 
> it seemed a very feasible objective. I wonder now
> whether  all this 
> talk of invincibility is just a pipedream anyway,
> but if it isn't  
> what a trajedy, what short-sightedness, blindness,
> STUPIDITY we have  
> witnessed from the TMO in its dealings with this
> region. There are  
> about 7 million Israelis - a group of 250 would have
> been sufficient  
> to shepherd the country's tendencies towards less
> belligerent lines  -
> and would have avoided the chaos for the world that
> now is being  
> unleashed. Instead we have had 50 years languishing
> in the 
> wilderness  of indecision, chasing hopeless mirages
> and getting 
> precisely NOWHERE in  realising the potentialities
> of this knowledge. 
> Yet again a TMO project -  now invincible Holland -
> turns out to be 
> too little too late and in the  wrong geographic
> orientation anyway. 
> What were those astrologers advising  MMY doing
> anyway, not seeing 
> danger signs on the horizon which anyone with 
> common sense could 
> easily have forseen. MMY and the TMO made a big deal
>  about their 
> ideas being reported in the Jerusalem Post recently
> but we all  know 
> this really amounts to a complete FAILURE of vision
> and leadership.  
> I do hope there are people in this forum that share
> my 
> disappointment.  It will be my last posting 
> otherwise...d
> I pretty much agree here. Seeing as how the conflict
> in Israel seems to be  
> the source of much of what is going on in the world
> in terms of violence, why  
> hasn't M set up a group in Israel a long time ago.
> Fear it won't work or maybe 
>  fear for the safety of the sidhas is the only
> reason I can imagine. If it 
> does  work there should be no fear for the safety of
> a group of sidhas. What 
> would it  cost to rotate in a thousand sidhas on a
> regular basis to the area 
> especially if  there was a course fee? And if they
> could prove it worked beyond a 
> reasonable  doubt, somebody could be convinced to
> finance it  indefinately.

The problem is that the ME is not very robust, to say
the least. I believe 2000 jivan muktas transcending
together might produce a more robust ME, but your
typical near horizontal program, snoring ru is very
far from the ideal subject for such a test. 
p.s. The stock market went down today.


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