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> Maharishi wants YOU to do it. Why are you waiting for him to do it. 
> You are the one. Create a renegade group of 1,000 flyers in Western 
> Jordan now. Do it ! The world is waiting for you and your failure 
> will fail the world.
> OffWorld

The only viable renegade group existed years ago in Fairfield. 
Perhaps there was a chance then to relaunch a "shadow" movement that 
just focused on essentials, common sense and openess and which could 
have provided a tangible connection between disaffected meditators - 
meditators were typically "divided and ruled" and never allowed to 
congregate and develop along independent lines. 10 years ago, if such 
an international renegate movement had existed I would have joined 
it. Now even the Fairfield crowd have gone their separate ways, it 

As to why I was waiting for him to do it - well he kept doing things 
and had the means to do them - only they were patently the WRONG 
things he did and he squandered the means at his disposal and 
alienated the bulk of his supporters, after milking them of their 
assets as well. 

Glad to hear there are more like-minded respondents here. Perhaps if 
the ME required more stringent conditions to be effective these 
should have been spelt out. But even more reason to concentrate 
resources on one super-group in one place...

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