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> > > > It is still my honest opinion of you, mispelling
> > > > and all, demented though it may be. And it was
> > > > written stone sober. Here...I'll write another,
> > > > three weeks now into having touched no alcohol
> > > > at all (because I'm on a diet...I don't have 
> > > > anything against alcohol, just its calories):
> > > 
> > > Wow, another nerve.  Maybe your problem is that
> > > you're *off* the bottle, come to think of it.
> > 
> > "He's damned if he does, damned if he doesn't."
> > -- Judy Stein, FFL, Jul 27, 2006
> No, you're damned only if whatever you're doing or
> not doing is impairing your thought processes.
> If the problem is that you're going through
> alcohol withdrawal, the solution is to stop trying
> to post until you're past it and can think and
> write coherently when you're sober.
> Obviously I was *not* suggesting you go back on
> the bottle.  If you've managed to stay sober
> for three weeks, that's a terrific accomplishment
> for which I have nothing but admiration.  It just
> may take awhile longer to get your brain back in
> working order.

Keep digging your own grave, Jude, both karmic-
ally (in terms of your next incarnation) and
socially (in terms of your reputation).

You are the one who poses here as the staunch,
upright defender of integrity and honesty. And
yet you continually display what you are really
like, and how you really think.

You *know* in your heart that I am exactly what
I've said I am, a guy who has maybe four or five
glasses of wine a week, which almost makes me a
teetotaler in France. :-) But you're PISSED that
I've pointed out that when it comes to TM you're
all talk, and have never done diddelysquat for
it or for Maharishi or, for that matter, for 
anyone other than your bloated self. So you keep
trying to find newer and lower ways to demonize
me here. This latest attempt is similar to the
time you claimed publicly that I was a criminal.

When you first arrived here, I told everyone who
and what you were -- a cyberstalker who cannot
get over grudges she holds from the past, and who had
come here in pursuit of two of the people she holds
a grudge against, me and Vaj. Then Curtis, another
person you hold a grudge against, showed up out of
the past, and you jumped on him again, too. You've
already added Rick to your "hit list," and soon it 
will be gerbal and ffia1120. You're on a roll.

I don't think I even have to say anything about 
you any more. You're doing a more than adequate
job of demonstrating to everyone here what you are.
So I'll just let you. 

Oh. The diet's over as of this morning's weigh-in, 
target achieved. I'll now be going back to my normal
pattern of having a glass of nice Languedoc wine with 
dinner. You have my full permission to turn that into 
whatever kind of slam you want. I think it's a fair
trade. I will be sitting with friends in one of our
favorite restaurants, toasting the sunset and toasting
each other and toasting life, and you will be sitting 
in front of a computer screen in New Jersey with the 
taste of bile in your mouth. I somehow think that I've 
got the better deal, and the better karma...

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