I've been thinking lately about the time we all
waste here, especially me. And about how I can
turn that around. So what I came up with is a
technique I haven't been practicing enough lately
call Tantric inversions. That's where you take a
stimulus that normally draws you back into an old,
tired samskaric pattern, and instead of going
there, you use the stimulus as a *reminder* to do
the opposite of that samskaric pattern.

In my case, one of my obvious samskaric patterns
is that I allow Judy to suck me into her endless
arguments and wind up writing too much here, instead
of writing the film reviews and book chapters I'm 
supposed to be working on this summer. So my new
plan is to let Judy's seemingly endless reservoir
of bile *inspire* me instead of getting under my
skin. Every time she slams me here on FFL, what
I'm going to try to do is *instead* of doing what 
she wants me to do (that is, waste my time and my 
life the way she's wasted hers), I'll just sit down 
and write another film review, or a section of the 

Somehow I think I have a long summer's writing 
ahead of me. :-) It'll be an interesting experiment.
Judy will keep slamming me, because that is just
what she does, and if I keep to this plan, the more
she slams me, the more salable writing I'll produce. 
And that will get under her skin more than anything 
I could possibly say in response. Life is good.

As Bhairitu can tell you, one of the reasons we 
like the Tantric path is that it's fun.

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