paraphrasing a quote
"There will be peace when the Palestinians would love
their children more than their love to murder Jews"

how sad.

--- In, "Robert Gimbel" 
> --- In, "larry.potter" 
> <larry.potter@> wrote:
> >
> > The amount of weapons that Hizbalah has and how powerful these 
> > weapons are, is amazing. Where and how they got it, more 
> > why and what for ? Was it all planned?   I wonder..  
> > 
> > 
> > "Escalation: Police report that Hizbullah fired five Fajr-5 
> > missiles, 'never before seen in Israel,' at Afula Friday 
> > Sources say missiles may have been aimed at Hadera, Netanya. 
> Massive 
> > rocket barrages fired by Hizbullah at Israel's north Friday 
> > afternoon 
> > Sharon Roffe-Ofir 
> > 
> > Hizbullah steps up attacks: Hizbullah steps up attacks: For the 
> > first time since the fighting in the north began 17 days ago, 
> > Hizbullah launched five Pajr-5 missiles at Israel Friday 
> > Police officials said that long-range missiles of this type can 
> > carry a larger amount of explosives than the rockets that had 
> > fired at Israel so far. A short while later, the IDF reported it 
> had 
> > destroyed the rocket launcher used for firing the missiles. "
> > 
> >,7340,L-3282785,00.html
> They are receiveing these weapons from Iran, Syria, and who knows 
> where else.
> The purpose of all of this, is to destroy Israel, like the maniac 
> Iran has stated, clearly his intention to destroy Israel;
> Sounds a lot like Adolf Hitler's rheteric, leading up to the 
> holocaust.
> The only way to handle this situation, is to wipe these maniacs 
> Iran, is bent on the destruction of Israel, and the United States, 
> and all it's interests around the world.

imo, Iran care [EMAIL PROTECTED] about the Palestinians or Hizbalah, all in 
just a way to hurt the USA and to show the world that Iran
is a bigger super power (or equel to) then US. in that manner
Iran is using the region who is already a in pain.

> It is inevitable, that we and the Israeli's will have to take 
> action to destroy this Facist regime in Iran, and any other Facist 
> regime, bent on destroying us and out interests.
> So, no matter what type of new rocket they have;
> We've had that since the 50's.
> And could turn their country to dust, in one hot New York Second...
> >

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