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> > Mel and Hutton Gibson are die-hard liberals.
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> > Remember that the reason Hutton Gibson trotted himself and his 
> family 
> > off to Australia back in the '60s was primarily to avoid getting 
> his 
> > sons drafted into the U.S. army and shipped off to Vietnam.
> From the Wikipedia entry on Hutton Gibson:
> Notable beliefs
> Hutton Gibson is a Traditionalist Catholic. He goes further than 
> many, however, embracing Sedevacantism. He has also stated that 
> Second Vatican Council was illegitimate due to the heresies it 
> produced, and that it was the result of a secret anti-Catholic 
> orchestrated by both Masons and Jews. It has been incorrectly 
> that Hutton Gibson holds to the Siri Thesis.
> Because Gibson's views are consistently critical of the Jews and 
> is a proponent of unconventional theories about the Jews and their 
> role in history, Hutton Gibson is widely considered to be an anti-
> semite.
> Gibson also holds to the claim that the September 11, 2001 
> attacks were not carried out mostly by Muslims aboard the plane, 
> rather were carried out by "remote control," a view he has 
> on The Alex Jones Show.
> Hutton Gibson with Holocaust denier Fredrick Töben, head of the 
> Adelaide Institute, at the 2003 International Conference on 
> History, Real News and the First AmendmentGibson denies commonly 
> accepted aspects of the Jewish Holocaust, claiming that it is 
> impossible for the "Holocaust" to have happened as described, 
> in his view, there would be no way to get rid of so many bodies
> [citation needed]. He claims[citation needed] that "There weren't 
> even that many Jews in all of Europe", that the thousands who 
> disappeared from Poland "got up and left", and says that according 
> the census statistics there were more Jews in Europe after World 
> II, statements denied by mainstream historians. In support of his 
> father, Mel Gibson claims that his father's beliefs do not amount 
> Holocaust denial. (Mel Gibson also says that he will not speak out 
> publicly against his father.)
> Hutton Gibson also publishes a quarterly newsletter propagating 
> views under the name The War is Now!

Yeah, like I said: he's a liberal.

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