Title: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Burbling Globules of Bliss
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 If there is a unified field / absolute out there and  all the Sages, Saints, Sinners & yadda
yaddas teach techniques that open our consciousness who's to say that there are
distinctions that would undermine the shakti that's circulating? Just bring your asses into
the dome & do your thing. I doubt that the universe is preferential to one viechle for
ecstacy over another.

It'll test the principle.  Fight about who's righteous after everyone shows up and
experiences whatever there is to experience. It's the Woodstock of courses.

But even if you’re doing MMY’s program to a “T”, and are only a Citizen Sidha, you won’t be allowed in if they know you visit saints, etc. A friend of mine who fits that description was asked to write a letter promising he wouldn’t see Amma any more, etc. So you either have to compromise your principles, or lie, which should compromise your principles, which I suppose is an appropriate requirement from an organization that doesn’t have any principles. __._,_.___

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