I always was confused on this point;
Of whether to fight, evil;
Or just sit there and meditate it away.
Maharishi lately, has said to sit and meditate it away.
But in the Bagavad Gita, that Maharishi commented on;
Which I read, all those years ago..
That Lord Krishna said to Arjuna, to fight;
To do his Dharma as a warrier of the time;
So, do we fight evil;
Would TurquoiseB fight Adolf Hitler;
Or would he be part of the power-structure;
Which supported Hitler, because it was easier to follow,
Then to lead or fight.

So, this whole situation is sad. That's why Arjuna was weeping, and 
confused; because he didn't want to fight his fellow man.
But he is told to fight, and do his Dharma.
So, I'm confused; on what we do about Iran; if it is actually evil 
and a threat to our existence?
I just thought we could make Iran an offer it couldn't refuse...

> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, TurquoiseB <no_reply@> wrote:
> <snip>
> > To the silent ones who haven't commented but who
> > feel the same sadness I do at all of this, what
> > a commercial for what decades of meditation can
> > do for a person, eh?
> And there is absolutely *no doubt in your mind* that
> decades of meditation are responsible for Robert
> thinking as he does, right?
> Because, as we all know, any effective meditation
> technique should cause all its practitioners to think
> and behave the same, in ways that are acceptable to
> Barry. Otherwise the meditation can't be any good,
> right, Barry?

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