On Jul 31, 2006, at 10:38 AM, larry.potter wrote:

As the film says right in the beginning, "It's

important to remember, most Muslims are peaceful

and do not support terror."

right, i stated that here myself several times and it is true.

what is deafening is the non violent Muslim silence about radical

Islam and it's terrorism. Why are they letting them hijack Islam 

from them...

Still, when a quarter of the adherents in a non-Muslim country support something like the bombings in London, there's reason for concern (it would be interesting the see the comparison to fundamentalist extremists is *this* country*--how many Christians support Timothy McVeigh or abortion clinic bombings):

One in four Muslims sympathises with motives of terrorists

But also:

Islamic Extremism: Common Concern for Muslim and Western Publics
Support for Terror Wanes Among Muslim Publics

Interesting to see how many think democracy could work.

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