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> I just  got done reading a condensed version of the Mahabharata which 
> >  contains a short version of all the stories from the full version. 
> >  What's striking about every story is how aggressive Krishna is in 
> >  demanding that that the five Pandava brothers including Arjuna kill 
> >  their relatives even though they all protested. Krishna never even 
> >  hinted at negotiations, reconciliations or truces. He insisted that 
> >  they be killed. Many of the stories describe Krishna killing, 
> >  beheading bad guys, demons, rakshasas. 
> > 
> The last remark I recall  that Maharishi made about the killing in the 
> BG is that it is all  internal, meant to be seen as an internal war vs 
> a literal one. It was  during the past year or so during a press  
> conference.
> Yet M used to say that the battle took place right where Noidia is, a  
> physical site.

And Krishna was God Incarnate. If God can become man, to particiipatei in a 
battle of 
Ultimate Good vs Ultimate Evil, why can't Good and Evil incarnate as well?

Not trying to say that this is the case, but within the mindset that MMY 
espouses, it's  
consistent, IMHO.

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