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> > >> > I haven't been reading the posts about Israel or Iran, as I 
log on
> > >> > to tune into MMY & Guru Dev related topics, but I did visit 
> > >> > twice some years back and I just can't bring myself to think 
> > >> > hostile terms about people who gave me both sustinence & 
> > >> > treatment to save my life.
> > >> > 
> > >> > Perhaps people are getting over identified and involved with 
> > >> > news they hear about? Isn't that what so often happens when 
> > >> > get overloaded by external stimulus?
> > > 
> > > Could be, but if you're referring to Barry's
> > > claim that some folks here have been advocating
> > > the use of nuclear weapons against Iran, that
> > > appears to have been one of Barry's many fantasies
> > > that have been making him so unhappy.
> > > 
> > Robert Gimbel advocated that in a recent thread.
> >
> Was that advocating or poetically speculating what appears to be 
inevitable? Can never tell 
> with him.
Well, let me try to explain my questions on this matter of nuclear 
As you know the United States has a stock pile of nukes.
I had a friend that told me that his father was high up in the 
And that one summer, he spent working on a nuclear submarine, 
a 'Trident Submarine', stationed here in the Seattle area; where they 
are serviced.
Now, this submarine is real; we created it; it has the fire power of 
all the bombs of WWII all put together.
It has an area where the missle silos are, which the sailors call:
"Sherwood Forest".
It's all very strange to me.
Why did we create such a monterous weapon?
Why did we stockpile all these nukes?
What did we plan to do with them?
Do we have a 'real' 'evil' enemy in Iran.
Do they want to attain the same nuclear capability as we have;
Isn't that their dream?
Haven't they said, that they want to 'Wipe Israel off the map?'
Do you think they want to wipe us off the map, as well?
So, my question was:
When do we use these weapons? Are they just for show? When is an 
enemy dangerous enough to warrent going to war with them; when all 
else has failed; and going to war with them, with the weapons we have:
These nuclear weapons; thousands of them; created by both the 
democrats and republicans, both.
We have these weapons, right?
What are they for?

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