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It seems there's got to be some  illegalities here.  If they told him in a letter or over the phone that he was accepted, and he shelled out the course fee, transportation, room and board, etc., wouldn't doing something like going to Small Claims Court be a at least recoup something? And it is legal for someone to come in and forcefully hustle someone else out of a building, when they were no threat to anybody else?   My guess is they are betting on the usual TM spinelessness letting them get away with this, and that he'll prove them right.

He lives here, and I believe the course is free.
 Public humiliation? Geeez your honor, I was in a state of pure bliss and these two goons grabbed me and yanked me onto my feet and told me to get lost in front of all of these people that were my friends and treated my like a common criminal yada yada yada. I haven't been able to attain that state of bliss since!

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