I suspect no one got the 6 degrees of separation element of Art Bell and 

Bhairitu wrote:

>But no I see you are doing your usual Art Bell retirement imitation.  I 
>know better, you'll be back. :)
>TurquoiseB wrote:
>>Yesterday was a real wake-up call for me. 
>>I started the day with a great meditation 
>>that left me happy and fulfilled, and 
>>followed it up with laughing and joking 
>>with friends over coffee in the corner cafe. 
>>None of them meditate, but they rejoice in 
>>life, and consistently find ways to share their 
>>joy with others. There was not an ounce of 
>>fear or disharmony around the table.
>>And then I went home and logged onto FFL, and 
>>it was like diving into a cesspool. I was 
>>plunged into the words of 30-year meditators 
>>who were advocating the use of nuclear weapons 
>>on millions of people whose only crime was to 
>>be born in a country and a culture the 30-year 
>>meditators are terrified of. I read the words 
>>of those who supported that stance for no other 
>>reason than because it gave them another way to 
>>slam someone on FFL they don't like. I saw again 
>>the TMO's 'selective focus' in reporting the 
>>'News,' and trying to take credit for those 
>>selective reports, while distancing themselves 
>>from the bigger stories they can't see because 
>>of the blinders they're wearing, and have been 
>>wearing for so long. I was reminded of the way 
>>that the TMO deals with those who don't believe 
>>what they're supposed to, and how some of these 
>>same 30-year meditators here see absolutely 
>>nothing wrong with that.
>>Suffice it to say that it was a real bringdown. 
>>This morning the experience repeated itself. 
>>Within moments I was right back in the shit 
>>again, reacting and posting stuff just as 
>>lowvibe as the things I was reading. I've now 
>>deleted them.
>>Enough already. 
>>My thanks to Rick for creating such a forum, 
>>where people can do what they are not allowed 
>>to do in the TMO -- express their doubts and 
>>their questions along with their fervent beliefs. 
>>At the same time, my apologies to Rick and 
>>everyone here for my part in turning it into 
>>a more contentious forum than it needed to be.
>>My thanks also to Kirk, Vaj, Jim, Tom T., Sal, 
>>Dr. Pete, Rory, George, Paul, Michael, Shemp,
>>cardemeister, and all of the others who have 
>>consistently demonstrated that one can survive 
>>the TMO with one's spiritual hopes intact, and 
>>with some sense of style. You have all posted 
>>many great comments and experiences for me to 
>>ponder, and I have. 
>>I have also pondered the things that others 
>>have said about my participation here, and have 
>>come to the conclusion that they were correct. 
>>I don't belong here; the nasty things that are 
>>said get to me and all too often goad me into 
>>participating in and perpetuating -- if not 
>>deepening -- the nastiness. Kirk was right in 
>>his decision to leave FFL, and for the right 
>>reasons. He found many of the discussions here, 
>>the way they are handled, and the mindset of 
>>the 'handlers' too heartbreaking for him to 
>>endure. He wisely moved on. I join him in that 
>>decision, and in the quest for people who more 
>>closely share my own sensibilities.
>>Road Trip time. I'm taking August off from 
>>reading and posting to *all* of the Internet 
>>forums I have been participating in, not just 
>>FFL. With any luck I will not return to any of 
>>them. Thanks to all here for being one of the 
>>catalysts to make me realize that I need to 
>>hit the road. I wish you all well in your own 
>>travels, wherever they may lead you.

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