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> >>> But at least they could have an accurate head count and know
> >>> where they stand.
> >>
> >> I'd guess we're talking 300 to 500 max.
> >
> > How funny!  No need to guess; It's between 1,000 and 1,100.
> No, if they had to pay a full course fee. A "freebee" gives you  
> evidence in the opposite direction.
> This is an interesting point for a couple of reasons. One is that  
> really, truly, M. has to face the music: his movement has moved 
> Another way of looking at it: his catalytic effect as being one of  
> the first people to bring the idea of non-sectarian gnosis/jnana 
> many people, is at it's end phase. Will he cling to the dregs and 
> money trip or will he go off into seclusion for further 
> catalysis?
> It will depend where his attachments lie.
> Nice thing is, this opportunity could give closure for those who 
> realize the game is up and just need some last contact to end it  
> nicely. Those that cling will remain, like fleas clinging to the  
> Golden Fleece.
> But make no mistake: this is a watershed moment, this last 'call 
> coherence'. If M. remains, lingering over his empire, it's clear  
> where the attachments lie. This signals the end of the movement as 
> knew it.
> It doesn't take a rishi to see that.

Very well said. The TMO can't even get 1200 in the dome when there is 
a "State of Emergency". And Amma can bring thousands to Mt. Pleasant 
at no charge. (Did someone here say 4000-6000 in Mt. Pleasant last 
month?) It says an awful lot about the TMO. The jig is up. You can 
only cry "the sky is falling" so many times before people wise up.

Got an e-mail today from a friend (gov.) in Hawaii. I had asked her 
if she was coming for the course. Her reply -- "What course? We 
haven't heard anything about a course."

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