Where is Jerry Jarvis, at a time we desperately need him;
With the situation in Israel getting more serious by the day;
And the maniac in Iran, getting more crazy by the day...
Where is the man of the hour, the Johnny Carson of the Movement?
Where has he gone?
Or, even Charlie Donahue, of the East Coast.
Charlie has passed on..
Johnny is up to his ears in Physics, and politics, and who knows what else?
Bevan as we all know;
Is the best sleeping aid known to man-kind(and woman-Kind, also).
We need someone to get the troops to fall in line.
We really do...
An inspiring force.
An inspiring voice.
Bob Dylan?
Does he meditate, does anyone know?
I know he had a 'Jesus Period'.
Anyway, I say we need a fearless leader;
Whoever that may be;
To get these slack-ass Americans...
To fall in line....
Something, something,
I don't know what?
Maybe a Paul McCartney Concert.
Surely he needs to do something...
To get out of his funk...
Anyone got his phone number?

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