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> Does this man, from India, who looks like Maharishi, when he was


>   Did he get the techniques he sells, from Maharishi

>   Well the TM technique, we know for sure, he got from Maharishi
He doesn't teach TM
>   But what about this 'breath' technique, where does that come from...
>   I say, from my observation, it comes from his observing Maharishi
SriSri showed me it once in the 80's.No. 
>   While in Samahdhi...
>   While I was on the video team, taping Maharishi in Fairfield;
>   "Back in the Day", (we thought they'd never end!),
>   Anyway, I would look at him, sitting on the couch;
>   And he would be barely breathing with his eyes closed;
Its nothing like that.
>   I can see, how through observation, one could come up,
>   With a breath technique, that would mimic-
>   A Holy Man's breathing, Maharishi's breath...
>   R.G.
A friend of mine has taken the whole SRI SRI program. it is
incompatable with Maharishi's teaching.
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