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I never recall Maharishi charging for Yoga Asanas or Pranayama;
But rather they were taught in the residence course setting;
And there was never any charge for those things, as I recall.
About 5 years ago there was a paid asana course. I think the course fee was $1,000, but it might have been more. 

Here ya go. It's considered part of your course credits PLUS an additional 2000 USD (so add what ever you pay per credit hour to this $2000):

PH 263 Maharishi Yoga Asanas: Enhancing Physiological Balance, the Basis for Living Enlightenment

This practical course presents the knowledge and experience of enlivening the unified state of consciousness, or Yoga, through the physiological approach of Maharishi Yoga Asanas. Maharishi has revived the essential understanding that Yoga means unified level of consciousness or Transcendental Consciousness, and that Yoga, one of the 40 aspects of the Vedic Literature, provides the technologies to unfold that experience. The physical postures of Maharishi Yoga Asanas are traditional positions that enliven the connection between mind and body, consciousness and physiology. When done properly, Maharishi Yoga Asanas help dissolve stress and give the experience of settledness and expansion in the direction of the experience of pure consciousness, or Yoga. This unique practical course includes regular practice of Maharishi Yoga Asanas as well as the understanding of their specific effects on the mind and body. (additional $2,000 tuition) (4 units)


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