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Well, since your yogic powers are not sufficient to breaktrough

Sony's superficial "protection" scheme, here is what S. said:

"If people knew the real reason for using a deerskin to meditate on,

there would be a great shortage of deerskins".

Here's the traditional qualities of a deerskin asana:

It gives special siddhis, liberates from bondage and ensures one is  

never short of money.


-subjugation of the senses

-sublimation of sensuality

-achieving realization or a state of total awareness


-curing diseases caused by an aggravated mind and piita and blood  


-increases individual magnetism

Akashic Records, shelf 104890344329.99231

But I have to tell you, it always creeped me out seeing people who  

claimed to be vegetarians sitting on a dead deer hide.

But as jerry used to say, when asked, "Sure, it was a natural death"

-- while poking his finger through the bullet hole.

Yeah, give me some kusha grass or a simple silk asana any day. I just never had the heart for a dead deer skin.

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