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On Aug 4, 2006, at 8:34 PM, Nick wrote:

On a related note, the book THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO THE BEATLES by
Steve Turner came out today. I've been flipping through it and it
seems pretty good. I'm shocked to find that I agree with Yoko in some
of her opinions of gurus. It's a very thorough analysis of
spirituality in the lives of the fab four. ===-=-=- om==-=-=- Nick

Subject: ChristFest in City Park: More Popular Than the Beatles

ChristFest in City Park: More Popular Than the Beatles
By: Trey Merril, Entertainment Columnist
Updated: 15 days ago
Contemporary Christian music and the power of prayer have brought to
life the spirit of Jesus at the First Annual ChristFest to be held in
Tad Gormley Stadium Friday July 21 through Sunday.

If my memory serves me right, it was the late John Lennon that turned
the world upside down by uttering the now infamous
worlds "Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. ... We're
more popular than Jesus now."

That may have been in yesteryear but it seems that Beatles fans
aren't the only ones that can command a City Park audience.  The buzz
is slightly different these days but as the Biblical Christ, City
Park has risen from the ashes and the Beatles are now but a footnote
in history.  Rather than shrink and vanish, the Christian movement
has grown tremendously and both contemporary Christian and Gospel
music have seen a major resurrection.

City Park will play host to the legions of self-proclaimed Jesus
Freaks and God Squads, from July 21 to 23.  What was once considered
an insult these days is held as a badge of honor for the 50,000
people expected to attend.

The event will feature a variety of music, motivational speakers,
pastors, city and government officials, Spanish and deaf ministries,
children's games, door prizes and great food.  In breaking divisions,
Ambassadors of Christ hope to promote unity among the Christian

Upon completion of the ChristFest, the group plans on creating Camp
Salvation, a safe haven for homeless and transient youth.  The camp
will be the New Orleans Headquarters for the festival promoter,
Ambassadors of Christ.  Their committed to showing love for people by
focusing on each persons self-worth and striving to achieve the
highest levels of excellence.

On a final note, Lennon apologized for his remarks.  The Archbishop
of Boston admitted that Lennon was probably right but still some
people refused to forgive him.  Seems that most of those who didn't,
forgot forgiveness was the ultimate lesson taught by Jesus.

Take a listen to the Lennon lyrics "Imagine" and "Give Peace a
Chance."  I guess we've all stuck our foot in our mouths before.  His
owns songs sound close to Christian doctrine to me, don't you
The Beatles sold out City Park Stadium on September 16, 1964 at $5 a
ticket.  ChristFest is free.

For more information, visit www.christfestneworleans.com.

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