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> > >  http://www.whatfilms.com/vbw/index2.php
> > 
> > Pretty cool. Very professionally put together. I wonder who did 
> it? Now if
> > only they could get rid of all the insane stuff which scares 
> people away
> > once they scratch beneath the surface, this could take off. The 
> problem as I
> > see it is that those running the movement have no choice but to 
> adhere to
> > the following logic:
> > 
> > 1. Maharishi is enlightened.
> > 2. Therefore, everything he thinks and says expresses the truth, 
> even though
> > I and the world at large may not understand it.
> > 3. Therefore, I should stay in tune with his thinking (as I am 
> told to do).
> > 4. Therefore, on the one hand, I¹ll present the scientifically 
> proven
> > benefits of TM and hope that the people I¹m presenting them to 
> don¹t find
> > out about Rajas, Majesties, World¹s Tallest Buildings, Damn 
> Democracy,
> > Praise Robert Mugabe, destroy and rebuild the world¹s cities, 
> etc., until
> > they are as ³sold out² as I am.
> > 
> > Hopefully, after Maharishi dies, people will be able to break 
> from this
> > ³logic² and make the TMO as sensible on every level as it 
> in movies
> > like this. Don¹t hold your breath.
> >
> I agree that Maharishi is enlightened, however about five years  
> after I started TM I read his commentary on the BG, chaps. 1-6 and 
> his SBAL books, and in there he clearly says directly that in 
> to gain enlightenment most efficiently for ourselves we should do 
> *our* own dharma, although someone else's may seem very attractive.
> BG, Chapter 3, v.35-
> "Because one can perform it, one's own dharma, (though) lesser in 
> merit, is better than the dharma of another. Better is death in 
> one's own dharma: the dharma of another brings great danger." 
> I remember when I thought I wanted to become a TM teacher and 
> faced with the question of being myself and accepting the process 
> [of TTC] through who I knew myself to be, and it didn't fit.

Boy, I wished someone had said that to me before I sent to TTC.

> Same 
> with many of the things Maharishi has brought out. I learned to 
> understand his thinking by listening to hundreds of hours of his 
> tapes, and the way he arranges the sequence of his thoughts vs. 
> cherry picking the things he says for their possible cognitive 
> dissonance.
> By both always remembering who I am and where I am in terms of 
> I am working towards, and by not selling out to the specifics of 
> everything that comes from the TMO, I am able to recognize 
> Maharishi's enlightenment, while living my own life as I see fit. 
> life, my Dharma.

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