--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "dhamiltony2k5" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'm not sure Doug. As a start, loose the crowns and robes (it didn't
> work the first time, historically), stop suing or trying to re-
> certify
> the teachers. Start teaching TM for an honest price.... Stop hiding
> all the finances. Stop trying to accumulate property by any means. 
> The
> TMO has lost the good will of so many and become untrustworthy....
> JohnY
> Yes, these things in time would be helpful and nothing will happen 
> unless they are done.  Transparency keeps coming up at the problem.  
> The first thing the accreditation team recently coached the 
> Maharishi School for the Age of Enlightenment to do was to audit all 
> parts of the school and report the audit to everyone.  When hell 
> freezes over is likely what the administrators and MMY think of 
> course.
> The great quote recently is MMY to one of Mother Olsen's daughter's 
> who was advising that the fees for  basic meditation should be 
> reduced,  MMY's response accurately was, "Don't tell me how to run 
> my business"  Last contact and lost contact in that.

So she stopped meditating or stopped talking to MMY because of that?

> As Hagelin said succinctly in a public meeting with TSR here, we got 
> the best movement and the best guidelines we got now.  Nothing is 
> going to change evidently until after MMY.  Wait until then for the 
> best hope in all of this.
> Does that mean that MMY can't die fast enough to git out of the 
> way?  It is a sad deal for something that was so hopeful.
> Jai Guru Dev,
> -Doug in FF

Heh. So John and company are hoping that MMY dies soon?

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