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> >   It cited Western diplomats as saying Iranian officials promised 
Hezbollah a steady supply 
> of weapons "for the next stage of the confrontation." 
> >   Top Israeli intelligence officials say they have seen Iranian 
Revolutionary Guard soldiers 
> on the ground with Hezbollah troops. They say that permission to 
fire Hezbollah's longer-
> range missiles would likely require Iranian go-ahead. 
> I still find it hard to believe that Iran is so stupid as to supply 
advisors in uniform during this 
> conflict. If the intelligence officers recognized their photographs 
or something, that's another 
> matter, but the implication appears to be that Iran is taking an 
easily documentable role in 
> this conflict, and that would be incredibly stupid.
> I can certainly believe that Iranian hands are on the controls of 
the most sophisticated 
> rocket-launchers, but they're wearing civies, I'm sure.

They continue to escalate; they are suicidal, not a good scene?

Well, it has been said, by the Israeli soldiers, that the Hezbollah 
troops, are 'blending into the population; wearing western clothes, 
'Killing is their lifes work; taught as children that is their 
Suicide is not a problem for them...
Not a good enemy to try and reason with;
trying to reason with a suicidal person, presents many basic 

So, this is classical guerrilla tactic; to confuse the incoming 
troops, of 'who the hell, the enemy is',
Like in Viet Nam, where the enemy became everyone, literally...
Men, women, children; burn the entire village down, type thing...
But the real question is:
'Where is this all leading?'
We have a leader in Iran, who has proclaimed himself:
To be the restorer of the Great Persian Empire of past history.
Like any other Middle East Arab leader, he is the current one;
Having those old 'Delusions of Grandeure(s)'.
Virgins, many wives, may Mercedes, many moneys, many fasict rallies.
Anyway, in the meantime, he wants to 'wipe Israel off the map'.
Now in Hezbollahia, we have a charismatic leader;
Who is into suicide techniques of terror;
While at the same time, has sophisticated techniques;
Of media manipulation, and more and more advanced weapons;
Coming in by the day.
Now he is a great hero in the Islamic World.
A kind of JFK, of Ancient Arabian Glory, sorry to say.
One good thing about him is:
In his 'astrology chart',
He has a similar aspect as Kennedy had;
This leads on to the prospect of assassination;
No question, the Israelis would love anything better;
Then to liquidate him...
Now, I suppose, now that Hezbollah can test fire; 
Its missiles into Israel, in real time;
As Iran continues to provide more and more higher technology, to 
We can only assume, that Iran would provide nukes at some point;
To Hezzy, and the rockets to reach Tel Aviv;
That has been their stated goal.
The amazing similarity to me with this idea;
And Hitler's idea's of the thirties;
Is that neither, attempted to hide their intentions.
It the matter of Hitler, he was appeased, and look what happened.
In the matter, of Iran, and Hezbollah,
We need to use the lessons of history as a guide;
To never appease the 'El Diablo, 'The Evil One, (Raksahsas, the bad 
guy's [suicidal one's])Satin, Lucifer, Beelazebub...
'Lions and Tigers, and Bears, oh my!'

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