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It's one of the wealthiest areas of the country. Presumably this 

is the sector TM is marketed towards and only 30 a year are taking 

it in that area? That's a very small amount. I would guess 

comparison to SSRS's technique would be apropos here--how many do 

you think he's initiating in the same time period? I would guess 

many more, maybe hundreds of times more. Unless the other recerts 

have a similar demographic area in terms of wealth, I'd guess 

you're right, the same or less, depending on demographics. 

Otherwise, probably less

It looks like TM is truly on the way out. Rather sad, but thanks

for the update Michael.

Are you trying to take Barry's place here as Master

of Inadvertent Irony, Vaj?

Have a look at the earlier post Michael referred to:


Oh yeah, I remember that one. I laughed when I read it because really when I was a believer, that's *exactly* what I would've said.

Now it's all rather transparent, there's no need to spin it or play apologist, I just laugh when I read this kinda thing. It's also sad that some people are still "burning a candle" for it all. There will always be enablers for the sociopaths and always those who never see beyond the conditioning, the marketing and the spin.

And so they spin it again.

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