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> > > 
> > > Did he? Or did he just say, "I won't support teaching that through
> > the TM organizaiton. If 
> > > you want to teach that, you're on your own."
> > 
> > The latter is the version that emerged I heard upon asking a number of
> > AoL long timers. That SSRS asked M. a number of times to be able to
> > teach his kryia in the TMO. M. said now, and finally said, along the
> > lines of, "If you want to teach that, go out on your own."
> > 
> > Also, as I heard it, there were other issues and events. At some point
> > some pundit boy training programs were shut down. Many/some had no
> > place to go. SSRS's father ran a school for such boys. SSRS was drawn
> > to help, and stayed for some time to help the boys. So there was some
> > time away from the TMO, perhaps a bit disillusioned, preceeding his
> > full departure.
> > 
> > He told a story once, that, in same period, I believe, he was at Kumba
> > Mela and, amongst other things, talked with a naked sadhu --
> > presumably enlightened. The sadhu was coldly scoffing at SSRS, "you
> > are not even naked, what kind of spiritual progress could you possilby
> > make?"  (or similar). SSRS said at this point he realized that some
> > paths may yield enlightenment, but some are cold and hard, and that
> > what was neeeded was something to develop enlightenment and the heart.
> > I speculate this was another factor in his decision to go out on
his own. 
> > 
> > And as AnandaMoiMa said to M when M. brought SSRS to meet her, "You
> > have brought me the River who will wash away the tears and suffering
> > of millions." So M. must have been aware, from this and probably other
> > things, that SSRS had a special destiny -- perhaps outside the TMO.
> > 
> > But I wasn't there in person when these events occurred.
> >
> So we don't know that any of them occurred as said unless there were

Is that question? I was simply cautioning that what I heard was second
to third hand or more -- and subject to 'inflation" and lack of
context that such passing of information often encounters. To me, my
3-4 little stories fit together, in my mind, YMMV. 

> was so important, 

I din't say he was, not that he wasn't.

>is his visit to AnandaMoiMa documented in her online biography? 

Apparently not, otherwise you would not be asking since, per below,
you apparently searched for it. 

> visits are documented as ar Gurudev's and Swami Brahmananda
Shatananda's (identified as 
> Shankaracharya of Jyotirmath). 

>DId SSRS, the one who would wash away the tears of 
> millions, get a mention?

I don't know, why don't you tell us.

Assuming SSRS was not mentioned on her website, and assuming her
personal diary / itinerary was extraordinarily complete over her 70-80
years of darshans, gatherings, etc, I suspect it might be because she
said a lot of nice things to people when meeting them -- and meant
them -- but in the grand scheme of things, her meeting with SSRS, and
her impression of him, may not have been "earth shaking". Washing the
tears of million is significant. SSRS has already done that,
figuratively speaking, so it seems. But others have perhaps done more
(at this point).

And the very sweet and wonderful thing about AnandaMoiMa was, i heard
from people who met her, is that she always talked to everyone as if
they were fully enlightened. To her, apparently, there was no
distinction bewteen now and "then". 

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