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"I can confirm your supposition here. Vaj has never been initiated
into, nor taught, TM as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

After I read your piece, I did some research, and some pattern
matching, and it is unmistakable. You are correct in asserting that
Vaj has been saying 'TM' but meaning mantra meditation, **NOT TM**.

It has been his tiny little 'secret', but after reading your words,
I had enough clues to know precisely how to look at Vaj to get the
answer, and the answer as said is unmistakable and conclusive-- Vaj
has never learned TM, Practiced TM, or taught TM as taught by
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. I suspect he will be surprised reading this!

So all of this time, he has been claiming to be speaking about TM as
a former practitioner and teacher. Not a good thing at all. Pure
arrogance on his part.

Oh well, I suppose it was good while it lasted, eh Vaj?"

--- In, new.morning <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> --- In, "jim_flanegin" <jflanegi@> wrote:
> > 
> > As for Vaj being a former TM teacher, I expressed what I did to have  
> > Vaj refute it, which he did not. I'll say it again: Vaj was never a 
> > teacher of TM.
> Ok. So this knowldge is from Jim's special insight stemming from his
> enlightenemnt. 
> So either Vaj is full of holy shit (regarding having been initiated
> into TM, practicing TM, and taking TCC) and  or Jim is full of holy
> shit (regading his powers and perhaps his enlightenment).
> So Vaj, the ball is in your court. Normally it would be "beyond
> boundaries"  to probe too deeply, but the padded wagon is aready lined
> up for Jim outside. And the paddy wagon for you. So, please state with
> all specificity:
> Date of initiation
> Initiator
> Place of Initiation
> How many took the course with you. Any one that can verify your being
> initiated/
> Any other people at the center you remember, or who could verify you
> were initiated? Flower girls,  desk help, other initiators?
> Whats the secret handshake? 
> Did you take any residence courses? Where, when, who taught, others on
> course?
> What pre-TTC did you attend (Humboldt, Amherst, center SCI, etc)
> What initiator(s) center chairperson recommended you for the TTC?
> How much did your TTC cost? What TTC did you attend? Dates, location,
> duration, extensions? Who taught it? How many were on your course?
> Anyone who would remember you on that course?  What center did you
> return to/ How many did you teach? Where? Approximate date range. Who
> used to flower girl for you? 
> Did you take any ATRs. if so, when, where, how long, who was on the
> course with you.
> Lets settle this. Who is full of holy shit? (or which Fullness is
> Fuller? :))

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