--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "Robert Gimbel" 
> When did the goal, of the TM movement;
> Became more oriented towards 'powers', and 'flying'.
> Then the origial intention of eyes closed;
> experience samadhi, deep transcendence?.
> Somewhere along the line;
> The advertizing of people 'flying'
> The proclamations of Bevan and others;
> That the 'power' of 'group flying';
> Would rule the energy of the world. ooh my!
> Next came political parties,
> And then adoption of countries.
> Marble buildings and such.
> Perhaps, we should have stuck to the more simple message.
> Now close the eyes, and meditate, 
> All together now, wherever you happen to be;
> and experience the unbounded experience of:
> Samadhi..
> R.G.

No wonder so many 'regular' meditators gave up TM.
Not much attention was given to residence courses, and such
All the attention was given to the elite.
The powers the the most experienced.
In the meantime, many good meditators were lost,
Because of lack of attention, and sense of community;
Which had been present in the days before the 'powers'.

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