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> > The present incursion into Lebanon, makes me wonder;
> >   If Israel, eventually wouldn't like to see;
> >   The United States, get directly involved in a confrontation in 
> Iran.
> >   Since the missles being supplied are from Iran;
> >   And the Iranian policy is based on destruction of Israel, and 
> the US.
> >   It seems like a collision course has started;
> >   Between the US and the Iranians.
> >   R.G.
> I don't think Israel will wait for the Americans.
> If the Americans and/or the Europeans won't do something -- and 
> fast -- the Israelis will.
> And don't rule out the use of nuclear force.  Iran's leader has 
> clear and unambiguous: they want to wipe Israel and its Jews off 
> face of the Earth.  Nazrullah -- Iran's puppet in Lebanon -- has 
> taken his explicit anti-Semitic stance quite clearly: Jews are 
> animals and all must be destroyed.
> We must take these people at their word.  I certainly hope Israel 
> does.  
> And then acts upon it.

The United States will still have to be very much involved;
The Israelis depend on our satellites;
And our delivery systems, namely the B-2 steath bomber.
And also, the partriot missles, for 'incoming'.
So, it will still be the United States' technology;
That hopefully will win the conflict.
What bother's me is the Arab aftermath;
If you think they are quite insane now;
What happens when the so-called moderate states;
Like Jordan, and Egypt; get crazy out of hand;
And what about the 600 lbs. elephant in the room:
Not sure what would happen in the aftermath;
Of a nuclear attack on Tehran, Iran, and the possible assasination; 
Of the Hezbollah leader, who to them is like a JFK, figure...
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