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> > On Aug 1, 2006, at 5:09 PM, sparaig wrote:
> > > Actually, if you look at the brainwave patterns of TM and 
> > > TM-Sidhis compared to virtually every other meditation 
> > > technique out there, the differences are so startling and 
> > > drastic that anyone that choses to practice those other 
> > > techniques obviously doesn't get the role that TM/
> > > TM-Sidhis are playing. AND, the detrimental effect those 
> > > techniques are playing as well.
> > 
> > Like brainwashing you?
> Well, that would be one question, of course. Another is what in the 
> f**k does sparaig think he knows about looking at brain wave 
> patterns?
> The fundamentalist TMers who assume that they know all sorts of 
> things they don't (like being to read/interpret/compare brain wave 
> patterns ... and I suppose MRI's as well, god help us) are simply 
> nut cases, self-deluded/Mahesh-deluded bonkers, barking mad 
> nutters. To put not too fine a point on the matter.

Nor to let *facts* get in the way of one's
ignorant putdowns, either.

Anybody who's paid attention to Lawson's posts over
the years is aware he's extremely well versed in
brain-wave research (and not just TM's research,

Plus which, recently he's been working closely with
Fred Travis, one of MUM's much-published (in
independent journals) experts in EEG and related
research on TM--


--to develop a computer animation of brain-wave
patterns in TMers.

None of this necessarily means Lawson is competent
to interpret EEGs on his own--as opposed to reporting
research findings--but then he hasn't claimed to be
able to do that, has he?

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