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> bob_brigante wrote:
> >The real problem is not that some crazy Jews think that God gave 
> >them that land long ago and now they want it back, but the 
> >of the United States, giving billions of dollars of weapons so 
> >Israelis can kill their neighbors to enforce their occupation of 
> >Palestine. Israel would have collapsed long ago without the 
> >unthinking support of the U.S. 
> >
> >  
> >

> More specifically the US is giving them weapons to create 
instability in 
> the Middle East so the US can step in and rule that area and it's 
> It's an old story told many times over the centuries.  And we see 
what a 
> wonderful job of "stepping in" the US has done before.  :)


Countries with imperial aspirations always have a mix of motives: 
for the Spanish and English in the New World, it was God, gold, 
glory for the conquistadores of either country. Bush and his neocons 
have a mix of fundie and Zionist fantasies along with a desire to 
control oil.

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