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> > "dhamiltony2k5" wrote:
> >
> > Doug writing:
> > 
> > What would
> > you suppose they would have to do in order to bring a more
> > significant number of people back? Would they come back?
> > Start with round numbers, a million TM meditators taught in the 
> US, 
> > with
> > some tens of thousands of TM teachers taught, some tens of 
> thousands
> > people taught the TM0-sidhis (27K?); and a few hundreds show up 
> when
> > called. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FairfieldLife/message/104974
> > 
> > A lasting peace and reconciliation? Reconciling the numbers, what
> > would the TMOrg need do to reconcile
> > with its people? It had got pretty ugly in recent years, what 
> > the elements of a lasting peace and reconciliation for the TMorg
> > with its meditators?
> > 
> > With Kind Regards,
> > 
> > -Doug in FF
> >
> The question above, what say the tru-believer reading the list?  
> Have they no thot on this?  How do the insiders going to the domes 
> see it going?  How about a defender of the faithful speaking for 
> them?  A public defender?  What do they see it taking to bring a 
> significant number back?

I'm not by any means the True Believer that the True
Nonbelievers try to portray me as, but your question
triggers another one in my mind: What, if anything,
might be *lost* if the TMO attempted to "reconcile"
with its meditators?

As disappointing as the situation looks now, is
there anything of value that it's preserving that
would be put at risk if the various policies that
create this alienation were dropped?

It seems clear that the alienation is Not a Good
Thing, but is it unquestionably worse than the
alternatives?  Are there *feasible* (key word) ways
of preserving what needs to be preserved while also
allowing genuine reconciliation to take place?

These aren't rhetorical questions; I genuinely don't

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