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> > > Doug writing:
> > > 
> > > What would
> > > you suppose they would have to do in order to bring a more
> > > significant number of people back? Would they come back?
> > > Start with round numbers, a million TM meditators taught in 
> > US, 
> > > with
> > > some tens of thousands of TM teachers taught, some tens of 
> > thousands
> > > people taught the TM0-sidhis (27K?); and a few hundreds show 
> > when
> > > called. 
> > > 
> > > A lasting peace and reconciliation? Reconciling the numbers, 
> > > would the TMOrg need do to reconcile
> > > with its people? It had got pretty ugly in recent years, what 
> could
> > > the elements of a lasting peace and reconciliation for the 
> > > with its meditators?
> > > 
> > > With Kind Regards,
> > > 
> > > -Doug in FF
> > >
> > 
> > The question above, what say the tru-believer reading the list?  
> > Have they no thot on this?  How do the insiders going to the 
> > see it going?  How about a defender of the faithful speaking for 
> > them?  A public defender?  What do they see it taking to bring a 
> > significant number back?
> I'm not by any means the True Believer that the True
> Nonbelievers try to portray me as, but your question
> triggers another one in my mind: What, if anything,
> might be *lost* if the TMO attempted to "reconcile"
> with its meditators?
> As disappointing as the situation looks now, is
> there anything of value that it's preserving that
> would be put at risk if the various policies that
> create this alienation were dropped?
> It seems clear that the alienation is Not a Good
> Thing, but is it unquestionably worse than the
> alternatives?  Are there *feasible* (key word) ways
> of preserving what needs to be preserved while also
> allowing genuine reconciliation to take place?
> These aren't rhetorical questions; I genuinely don't
> know.

They're good and necessary questions.

I wonder, first of all, what would be "lost" if the TMO attempted 
the reconciliation, as you suggest above.  Well, if by 
reconciliation we mean that all those who have been trained as 
sidhas -- regardless of current or past affiliations with other 
teachers or teachings -- are allowed into the Dome provided they do 
just the TM and TM-Sidhi programs while there:

I think the TMO is afraid of losing control.  I've seen at various 
times in the Movement in which TMers get an idea in their heads that 
a certain "direction" or "fad" is the best thing for your evolution 
and they go into it in a big way.  The first instance I ever saw of 
this was back around '75 when a by-mail faith healer in Nebraska had 
virtually every initiator in our center participating in her 
cleansing programs...all backed up by an obscure rumor that MMY 

Let's say the TMO reconciles in the manner suggested above.  There 
are bound to be those who are affiliated with a guru such as SSRS 
who offer such an appealing benefit -- proximity and personal 
contact with a guru -- that TMers, being the sheep that they are, 
will FLOCK to him.

So I reject the party line that these other teachings "conflict" 
with TM and TM-Sidhi practise (as I've said umpteen times here, no 
activity freely chosen by a TMer conflicts with their TM 
Program)...it is a question of control AND control of the 
finite "guru" money that would be available to the TMO under those 

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