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> Free popcorn.
> Sal (also in FF)
> On Aug 11, 2006, at 10:23 AM, dhamiltony2k5 wrote:
> > The question above, what say the tru-believer reading the list?
> > Have they no thot on this?  How do the insiders going to the domes
> > see it going?  How about a defender of the faithful speaking for
> > them?  A public defender?  What do they see it taking to bring a
> > significant number back?
> >
> > -Doug in FF
THREE ideas:1.  Genuine, "good", spiritual experiences:  if the people on the 
current course 
are actually having great experiences (as the conferences calls would have you 
and they talk about this when they return home, and they genuinely appear to be 
well as a result, then more people will attend the next course.  People want 
2.  Devotion/bhakti - there seems so little of this left in the TMO - people 
are distrustful, 
have had money weasled out of them, etc etc etc.  As a result, their hearts no 
longer flow 
with love and devotion so easily, altho most wish they still had that innocent 
flow of love 
to MMY.  People want to feel some devotion again, and they want to avoid being 
disappoitned or hurt, so they stay away.  I would guess that having puja each 
day, doing 
some outward ceremonies in additon to all the program stuff, would help people 
want to 
return.  Mostly, they would need to feel welcomed, appreciated, and loved.  
Hopefully, the 
good experiences and the kindness and honestywould allow for devotion to grow.
3.  Maybe fewer words from Bevan and John?  I don't know how the current course 
going, but I find the overanlysis and wordiness of the meetings in the past to 
be tiresome.  
I would rather have the lectures shorter and less hyped in style - simple, 
honest words 
that still convey the good stuff.  I could listen to pundits chant for hours, 
but not Bevan 
and John.

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