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> on 8/12/06 8:27 AM, authfriend at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > How does any of this apply to a TM-Sidhis practitioner
> > referring to hopping as "levitation" while being aware
> > that hopping isn't actually levitating in the standard
> > sense of the term?
> > 
> ³Maharishi sez² it¹s levitation. On the Merv Griffin show and elsewhere, he
> refers to hopping as being something that verifies meditators¹ command over
> the laws of nature.

At that point, he may well have believed that. In the late 70's, a famous 
sports physician 
was brought to MERU to test Yogic Flyers and he concluded that there was no 
sign of 
anything except muscular hopping. MMY's response was that Hopping like a Frog 
apparently meant hopping like a frog.

EVen so, the impulse to move comes during a different state of conscioiusness:  
Travis's research clearly showed a different EEG pattern just before hpping 
during Yogic 
Flying as compared to just hopping while not doing Yogic Flying.

Since MMY has always made it clear the real reason to practice the technique is 
for the 
effect on consciousness, I don't see an issue. Do you?

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