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> Bill,
> Are you sure she doesn't have some other problems--like depression or 
> bipolarism?  Sounds like there is something more going on than just 
> defending MMY.  If so, it wouldn't be all that unusual--many of us 
> looked to TM as a cure-all, until it became obvious it wasn't.  And 
> those quick flashes of anger, seemingly out of nowhere, are something I 
> have learned to avoid.  I find them scary.
I've got at least two problems that bring them about, and they may be related:

I have ADD and AD/HD people often have flashes of anger in order to focus. It's 
scary for 
them AND for the people around them.

I also have an anger management problem during allergy attacks. This may or may 
not be 
related to the AD/HD issue.

Intrestingly enough, I tend to have MORE anger-flashes when I'm regular in my 
program. I 
don't know if this is a sign of unsressing or simply a more efficient way to 
focus, however.

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