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> I thought it was time for a new topic...By the way what did they 
> out about Maharishi and the TM organization that made them leave?

What, that MMY stole their money?

Well yes, Steve, take a look at the index reading back to the 
hundred 'millionaires' course(s).  
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FairfieldLife/message/83702  What you 
will find in revisiting those threads and the various Kaplan threads 
after that is that  MMY evidently had Earl then at the front door 
welcoming people while at the same time MMY had people at the 
backdoor stealing money from Earl.  

The twist was that they had put Earl out front for credibility to be 
a trustee for the hundred millions while they were sticking it to 
him at the same time.  Beautiful people, huh?

Some day it will be real interesting to hear from the people in the 
President's Office at MUM, the "Development Office" and trusted 
people at Purusha who saw what happened and help move the funds 
around the TMorg shells at that time.  People inside who watch what 
goes on or do pull the levers like George Todt as held the purse 
strings at MIU or Jonathan Worster in development or the TB Wynnes. 
Jane of course is dead.  Some of the programmers and book-keeps. 
Some of the administrative typs at Purusha.  Some people had to 
physically make the transfers.  Where did Kingsley Brooks go?  Or 
that attorney who is the Movement attorney who used to be the MUM 
President?  The money apparently was moved around the US TMo, then 
sent to Europe and thence to India.  It was all non-profit of course 
and charitable in intent, don't you think?

Take a look at the index.  'Stolen' is what it reads like.  

It apparently drove MMY nuts that old man Zimmerman gave MMY only 
the interest on 33 million to originally fund the pundits so many 
years ago.  Reads like MMY set and closed a trap on Earl's good 
heartedness.  Reads more like the ultimate con-job.

Take some time and see what you think.  From the 'messages' link 
here on the upper left, you can search to an area of the archive by 
typing in the message number to the message search box.  That will 
take you to the area so you can read the context of threads by 
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This index will get you to the areas:  

Best Regards from FF, -Doug


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