Planet Visions
Mark Krueger

August 11, 2006

Be and Let Be

People's bodies have been doing bizarre things for weeks now. We're
seeing the macro/microcosm effects. There are deep disturbances in the
planet body, the body politic and the body personal. It very likely
will get stranger and stranger. Are you feeling crazy yet? Overwhelm
is increasing for folks. It has less to do with what is going on and
more to do with infant imprints of powerlessness. Nevertheless, it
seems oh so real. Please take care of your self. Gentle is as gentle does.

The Sun is opposing Neptune and Mars is opposing Uranus. It can be
hard to find the energy and motivation to do anything or particular
things. You certainly can feel as though the whole world opposes you.
You are likely to be feeling much frustration in general and to be
specifically angry. Express but be aware of others reactivity. Fight
and flight are barely under the surface and can explode at any time
with any variety of situations. Triggers may be negligible and
nonsensical. Let your frustrations out. Don't make them real. This is
difficult to do in modern society. The stressors build and the only
relief comes from conditioned consumerism which in turn builds more
stressors; eat>fat, spend>debt, give>exhaustion. I do not see panaceas
working anymore. Simple change is not working to cut through the
turbulence and angst. You can go with higher teachings and techniques
but it leads to more of the overwhelm.

Just be. Claim your own being as who you are. Clear your
identification in the mind, higher and lower. Be and let be.

Dance through the drama,

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