I was sitting around my X's living room once. We had be talking about 
her meeting with some TM'rs to do their program together. It was going 
to mess up our plans for part of the day. So I suggested I just come 
along and read a book or something while they went off and did there 
thing. I didn't think it was a big deal.

I was told no absolutely not. I asked why not what's the big secret?
She said something like, they discuss different things that non TM'rs 
just can't know about. And then made a reference to the CIA and the 
FBI. I thought, wow, how bizarre and paranoid a comment to make. Is 
this girl wierd or what. We had only been dating awhile and I let it 

During the course of the last few months I have wondered more and more 
whether she was mentally ill or if part of her problem was brain 
washing from the organisation she belonged to.

Funny how things happen and now here I am posting on FFL and have 
become the source of debate wondering if I might secretly be this 
other person and references to CIA and whose payroll I might be on.

I did like the Satan reference though and have always considered 
myself to be a little "devilish at times.

Even when I did meet with some of her friends from the movement, there 
just seemed to be this vague "whisp" of mis-trust in the air. Kind of 
like, oh he's an outsider. He's not "one of us" attitude.  And since 
I've always been an out going open minded and kind hearted do anything 
for you type I found the behaviour dis-heartening and mildly hurtful. 
Afterall, why would such "spiritual people treat me of all guys with 
contempt. A man who enjoys a very deep and loving connection with God 
and sees All humanity, life and existance for that matter as part of a 
single conscious being.

I am beginning to understand now, thanks in part to some folks here 
and their responses to my queiries. 

I've always felt the truth to the mysteries of what is incorporates 
both the sciences of existance and the love and wisdoms of a divine 
consciousness. In addition to searching for answers regarding why my X 
GF was the way she is I had also hope that perhaps I'd pick up a tid 
bit or two of something new that I could use to enhence my own 
spiritual journey.

Clearly that will not be the case from the TM'rs I have encountered 
here. Fear, insecurities and paranoia fill your minds and perhaps even 
your hearts. How sad I feel for you,,,how sad I feel for my X GF. 

How do you get to be this way???

So can anyone tell me, regarding the question of Earl Kaplan.

Is he a real person and was this a letter written by him?

Did he contribute Millions of dollars to Maharishi and the TMO?

How many millions and over what time frame?

Did he know Maharishi personally?

Could any some or all of he story be true?

Or you you only interested in my testosterone levels and who pays me.


He let me add my own twist for you to debate,,,,pssst maybe I'm really 
with the IRS. Ah Sweet Mother of God the paranoia.


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