--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "Bill (William)Simmons" 
> I was sitting around my X's living room once. We had be talking
> about her meeting with some TM'rs to do their program together. It 
> was going to mess up our plans for part of the day. So I suggested 
> I just come along and read a book or something while they went off 
> and did there thing. I didn't think it was a big deal.
> I was told no absolutely not. I asked why not what's the big secret?
> She said something like, they discuss different things that non 
> TM'rs just can't know about. And then made a reference to the CIA 
> and the FBI. I thought, wow, how bizarre and paranoid a comment to 
> make. Is this girl wierd or what. We had only been dating awhile 
> and I let it side.
> During the course of the last few months I have wondered more and 
> more whether she was mentally ill or if part of her problem was 
> brain washing from the organisation she belonged to.

FWIW, I've never encountered anything like that.
TM-Sidhis practitioners probably wouldn't want to
let you watch them do their program--or maybe be
in a room close enough to hear them doing it;
sometimes it gets noisy--but the CIA/FBI business
is just off the wall.  When TMers do program
together, "discussing" TM "secrets" isn't usually
part of the occasion anyway, at least in my

I'm guessing at that point she was nervous about
having you meet her TM friends (or having them meet
you), and that was just an excuse.

> Funny how things happen and now here I am posting on FFL and have 
> become the source of debate wondering if I might secretly be this 
> other person and references to CIA and whose payroll I might be on.
> I did like the Satan reference though and have always considered 
> myself to be a little "devilish at times.
> Even when I did meet with some of her friends from the movement, 
> there just seemed to be this vague "whisp" of mis-trust in the air.
> Kind of like, oh he's an outsider. He's not "one of us" attitude.

Guessing again: It's possible she was embarrassed
about having a non-TMer boyfriend (see above), and
before you met them, she had done some kind of number
on them that made them feel self-conscious and
awkward around you.

I mean, she really does sound like kind of a
fruitcake, bless her heart.  I'll bet you a buck that
if she had been involved with something else, the same
nuttiness would have come out in that context.

But you know what?  You sound like you're becoming
as obsessed with TM as she is.  You seem to be
more interested in dishing dirt on TM and MMY than
in figuring out if there's anything you can do to
help her.

I think that's why some of us are a bit skeptical
about your real agenda here (and it's not just TMers
who are skeptical).

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