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> >>> > > 
> >> > Another thing you can easily do is change all your light bulbs 
> >> > compact fluorescents. If everyone did that, it would make a big
> >> > difference. We did it last week.
> > 
> > And they are a *lot* better than they used
> > to be.  If you had bad experiences with them
> > before, try 'em now.  Get good ones, though.
> > 
> How do you define ³good?² We got GE¹s at Wal-Mart. The ³Sunlight²
> bulbs seem too white and glaring; the ³Soft White² bulbs seem too 
> yellow. I¹m going to check to see if Consumer Reports reviews them.

By "good" I mean costing at least several bucks apiece
and not made by some obscure company in Thailand or
whatever.  The ones I got for about $4 each cost at
least twice as much at full retail.  Before that,
though, I got some cheapies at a dollar store, and
they were terrible--took a long time to come to full
brightness, and the 25-Watt size never got brighter
than a 40-Watt, if that.  Also, they were *very*
blue.  When I'd walk into another room after having
been in a room lit by those bulbs, everything would
look yellow.

MaxLite makes a Daylight variety.  I haven't tried
them, but they're supposedly formulated to give a
more natural light.

If you find anything in Consumer Reports, let us
know, OK?  I'm sure some brands are better than

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