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> I have heard nothing but great things about experiences on the 
> course / Invincible America. Is anyone on the course reading this? 
> Want to give your experience good or bad or mediocre?

I hear a lot of report that the experience of doing the TM-Sidhis 
again has been greatly enriched from time and practices spent 
otherwise with other meditations and being with other saints.  
People are looking greatly lit for the time spent on long meditating 
now on the course..   

What you won't hear in the domes overtly is the product that there 
has been a lot of spiritual practice that has gone on in the FF 
meditating community since people originally started the sidhis 
through the TMorg.  The remark now by folks in FF is how much deeper 
the experience is now with re-visiting the Tm-sidhis since doing 
sadhana otherwise in a way that MMY was not available to teach.    
An alternative conclusion i.e., `the teaching' was not entirely 
complete as MMY has it or the TMorg would like to believe.  People 
know their own experience in this & the community here seems to have 
a lot more experience of their own now with it.  People are looking 
really lit and great from the time spent in their practice.

That is the hearing and seeing as told outside of the domes, uptown 
and such.

-Doug in FF  

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