Title: Re: [FairfieldLife] Weekly Reader Anonymous Letter to the Editor
on 8/17/06 4:50 PM, ffia1120 at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

Since it appears that the Weekly Reader will publish anonymous
letters to the editor, perhaps someone here can write a level-headed,
stick-to-the-facts rebuttal as to what the real reasons are that even
though we easily have 1730 Sidhas already living in FF, a good number
of them no longer care about being in the dome or want to have
anything to do with the TMO.

Good idea. Hillary (Weekly Reader editor) would be happy to publish such a letter. Incidentally, my inspiration for starting FFL was that there was a discussion on a similar theme going on between John Hagelin, who had given a talk in the dome slamming other gurus, and LB Shriver and others. They were trying to do it in the Weekly Reader, which couldn’t handle too many letters on the topic, so I started FFL and put a notice in the Weekly Reader that I had done so, inviting people to come here and discuss. Hagelin never joined, unless he uses a pseudonym. But I’ll be he has lurked on occasion. __._,_.___

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