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> > > Yeah, i find it particularly interesting because he was there 
> > > can write about it from having been there.  It is an important 
> > > letter that tells us things.  Regardless.
> > > 
> > > -Doug in FF
> > > 
> > Perhaps everything in this letter is true, and perhaps not. 
> > 
> > The thing I find downright odd about it, though, is this guy 
> on 
> > and on and on and on about the deceit of Maharishi and the lies 
> > was told and how much money he gave Maharishi, and not once does 
> > say he plainly *met with Maharishi* and asked him about all of 
> these 
> > things.
> > 
> > Seems like a very immature approach from this fellow. What is 
> > Maharishi going to do, beat him up, call him a sissy, arm 
> > him? On the one hand, this guy is willing to fill several pages 
> with 
> > accusations, and on the other, not willing to meet with 
> > who is after all, a human being just like the rest of us.
> > 
> > Seems to me like this guy is intimidated by Maharishi, and that 
> > what he should be working on, instead of all this other stuff.
> >
> In my experience nobody will even question MMY's lackeys for fear 
> causing trouble or being "negative", I would imagine that 
increases a 
> lot for the man at the top especially as we are led to believe he 
> much more than human.
> I personally think Kaplan shoots himself in the foot with his talk 
> enlightened children (how does he know?)and psychics (surely the 
> biggest frauds out there!) If he's that credulous perhaps it's no 
> wonder he handed over so much of his hard-earned without asking 
> it was going.

I agree.

Although Kaplan probably has alot of justification and cause 
regarding the missing $17 million, he's a bit disingenious with that 

After all, he was in the TMO for -- what? -- 30 years?  Com'n.  If 
you weren't picking up on the bad stuff after all that time, can't 
blame it all on MMY and the TMO.

Gotta look to yourself a bit.

> Let's face it when someone leaves a group like ours under a cloud 
> they dislike the guru with equal but opposite power to which they 
> liked them in the first place, it looks like he'll accept any 
> out there as long as it's contrary to what the TMO think.
> He could have been a lot more effective if he'd stuck to the facts.

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