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> > > On a few evenings a while back, I teleconferenced into 
> > > the Wednesday satsang that Tom Traynor hosted. I 
> > > couldn't hear what most of the people in the room 
> > > were saying, but when a train passed outside, I could 
> > > hear the long-long-short-long blast that trains give 
> > > as they approach crossings.

Train noise, in general can be serious, and if they are
electric, the EMF voltages are an issue.

Recently, in London, someone did a study of children's
school performance using kids from a particular tower
block. They discovered that all the kids on the side 
nearest the tracks had consistenly lower performance
than those on the side away from the rails. This puzzled
them since sleep problems did not seem to be an issue.

They ran various tests, and discovered that the children 
on the train side had the ability to switch off sound at
will. They did not know it, but they could. They simply 
did not hear sounds that they did not like. The researchers
then discovered that these kids could, and did switch off
the sound of the teacher's voice when they were bored with 
the class.

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